Fostering Economic Development

DSCF7265Freight transportation drives our economy. It’s how the things we buy get from the factory or farm to the store and from the warehouse to your house. It’s also how products made here get to the places across the state, country or world they need to go. Delays in freight movement have huge economic impacts to the productivity of the freight industry, as discussed in this White Paper.

Freight activity centers are the region’s key nodes of freight activity and are the “economic engines” that contribute to the area’s base employment and typically generate intense freight activity. Ensuring proper access to FACs is crucial for the region’s economy.

The amount of freight traveling through Tampa Bay and Florida will increase greatly over the next 25 years, making it even more important to maintain an adequate freight network capable of handling increasing traffic volumes.

FDOT District Seven, through the Goods Movement Study, is continually working to evaluate and improve all aspects of the freight system so that freight can move efficiently through the region to its destinations. The Comprehensive Freight Improvement Database allows users of the freight system to report operational or maintenance needs on the freight network, helping to keep it (and the regional economy) running smoothly.