Improving Freight Accessibility

FAC_CollageFreight moves Tampa Bay. It’s how products get to the store. It’s how goods made here are exported to the rest of the country and the world. It’s how the things you buy online make it to your house. As the Tampa Bay region continues to grow, it is important to provide an efficient freight transport system to meet the demands of an expanding and globally competitive economy.

Freight is moved by more than just trucks; it’s also moved by planes, trains, ships, and pipelines. All of these transportation modes and facilities need to work together and connect with one another to form a freight system that delivers goods wherever they need to go while not overly interfering with other users of the transportation system. The Tampa Bay Regional Goods Movement Study is an ongoing process to continually evaluate the freight network in light of changing conditions and address capacity, operational, maintenance, and safety needs.

The Comprehensive Freight Improvement Database is a tool used to inventory freight mobility conditions and issues on the freight system and to identify appropriate strategies and roadway design solutions that are supportive of the varying land use contexts in the region.