This section of the Website provides resources related to the Strategic Freight Plan and other relevant freight topics. The Study Documents section provides a link to view or download the contents of the Strategic Freight Plan. The Freight Maps section includes maps from the plan that can be viewed and downloaded. The Freight White Papers serve as a repository of freight planning and research documents. The Glossary of Terms provides definitions of commonly used freight and transportation terms and acronyms. The Freight Photos/Video Gallery contains images collected from various areas across the study region, along with a video providing a synopsis of the intermodal freight planning process. The Freight Related Links section provides access to agency and other informative Websites related to freight planning and logistics.


Study Documents

Download Strategic Freight Plan and related documents here.


Freight Maps

Download Strategic Freight Plan maps here.


Freight White Papers

The Freight White Papers provide freight planning and research information to learn more about freight movement across the Tampa Bay region, State of Florida, and North America.


Glossary of Terms

Browse for terms and acronyms related to freight here.

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Freight Photos/Video Gallery

Browse freight related photos and videos here.

External Links

Freight Related Links

Links to agency and other freight related websites.