Goods Movement Advisory Committee

The GMAC guides and informs the freight planning process in the Tampa Bay region. It includes representation from transportation and land use planning agencies, intermodal entities, economic development groups, and freight distribution groups within the Tampa Bay region. The GMAC has the following key roles and responsibilities:

  • Provide a framework to address freight mobility issues in the transportation planning process;
  • Ensure meaningful participation of the freight industry and economic development interests in the planning process;
  • Identify improvements and strategies to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of freight while minimizing impacts to community and environmental assets; and
  • Recognize and develop transportation and land use policies that support freight mobility and economic development.

Implementing Agencies

Implementing agencies assist in updating and maintaining comprehensive plans, land development regulations, and local codes/ordinances. These plans and policies help shape the development patterns and transportation systems of cities and counties.


Metropolitan/Transportation Planning Organizations are responsible for creating long-range transportation plans (LRTPs) that define needed transportation investments for multiple modes of transportation, including freight.

Intermodal Agencies

Intermodal agencies provide for the transport of goods through the use of more than one mode of transportation including rail, truck, air, ship, or pipeline.

Economic Development Agencies

Economic development agencies work closely with businesses and both local and state officials to stimulate economic growth and prosperity within the Tampa Bay Region.

Distribution Groups

The Transportation Providers Committee is an adhoc committee of private and public freight providers that provides a working knowledge of issues affecting  freight transportation in the Tampa Bay Region.

Research / Academic

The University of South Florida Center for Urban Transportation Research (USF CUTR) provides research for all modes of transportation through combined academic knowledge and work experience.