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The Tampa Bay Regional Strategic Freight Plan was developed in response to steadily increasing emphasis on freight mobility concerns and economic development in recent years. The Strategic Freight Plan defines an integrated regional freight transportation system, identifies localized freight issues for short-term remediation, and prioritizes regional freight transportation improvements needed to sustain long term economic growth in the region. It also analyses existing and future community contexts and identifies roadway design considerations to ensure that implemented freight improvements harmonize with the local built environment. In balancing the goals of supporting long-term freight mobility and protecting community character, the Strategic Freight Plan provides a clear vision for the long term future of goods movement in the region, one that supports the continued vitality of the regional economy and the preservation of local quality of life.

The Strategic Freight Plan provides guidance for planners and engineers in defining and developing freight improvement strategies that are appropriate given the freight corridor function, the land uses and activities within the corridor, and the shared uses of the corridor.

The Strategic Freight Plan accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Identifies strategic freight transportation investments that promote and foster economic development in the region
  • Responds to the balance between goods movement and community livability
  • Positions the Tampa Bay region to take advantage of the rapid growth in the global economy
  • Positions the region for new funding opportunities to implement infrastructure improvements on the regional freight network
  • Integrates freight considerations into the planning, project development, and roadway design processes