Searching and Filtering Records / “Attribute Filter” Panel: Filter by Topic Function

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The FILTER function of CFID can be accessed through the expandable “Attribute Filters” panel at the left of the page. Filters enable users to quickly search for and locate freight transportation issues by location, type, priority, ease of implementation, and other variables. Multiple selections can be made within and across FILTERS to retrieve CFID records matching any given set of criteria.
Expand and collapse the “Attribute Filters” panel by selecting a particular heading (see Figure 7). Expanding the heading will display the categorical values associated with the heading, while collapsing a heading simplifies the display by hiding its underlying values. This enhances the overall legibility of the user interface and allows users to quickly locate the filter headings that most interest them. For any given heading, each value may be checked on or off to limit the results that will be returned by the filter tool to those that match the selected criteria. Multiple selections can be made across headings. When selecting desired criteria, the map and “Attribute Table” (described in further detail below) will dynamically update to display all matching records.

Figure 9 – Show Table Button



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