Navigating the Map Viewer / Selecting and Viewing Issue Records

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One of the primary functions within the application is to identify geographic features within the map based on the user’s click location. CFID “Issue Records” are associated with each of the points (specific locations) and line (corridor) segments on the map. An “Issue Record” can be accessed by a left mouse click, which will load a dialog box, or pop-up window, with the attributes associated with a user’s click location on the map. Examples of attributes include issue type, prioritization, and an assortment of other attributes related to the issue and display of a record’s information in the dialog box. Only one dialog box can be open at any given time. The dialog box contains a scrollable report view of the primary fields in CFID. Hyperlinks are available at the bottom (see Figure 4 & Figure 5) to either “Zoom To” the identified record or view “More Info” relating to the issue.

Figure 4 – Map Viewer Identify Window


Figure 5 – “Issue Record” Dialog Box


Contents of “Issue Record” Dialog Box
The “Issue Record” dialog box (see Figure 5) shows all information associated with a CFID record, including all field observations, recommended actions or responses, and additional notes about the issue. The contents of the “Issue Record” dialog box are described from top to bottom below.
ISSUE # – This shows the active record identification number for the dialog box. After clicking on the map, the dialog box will load all the records associated with the point clicked. If there is text next to the identification number that says “(1 of 2),” it indicates there are two active records. The left and right arrows to the right of the header can be used to scroll through all of the active records in the dialogue box.
MAXIMIZE – Each dialog box can be maximized and reduced to its smaller size by clicking the box icon at the top right corner. There is no way to minimize the box.
CLOSE – The “X” at the top right corner closes the box.
FIELDS – The fields in the active record are show the key attributes for a given “Issue Record.” For more information on the FIELD definitions, see the FAQs page.
ZOOM TO – This link at the bottom left corner will zoom in to the location of the issue record on the map.
MORE INFO – This link at the bottom left corner of the box will display the contents of the active record in a separate tab in the browser. In this way, more than one record can be open at one time. The MORE INFO view is formatted for printing.

Contents of “More Info” Dialog Box
The “More Info” dialog box opens in a separate printer friendly window (see Figure 6) and contains all pertinent information related to the “Issue Record.” The information is separated into four categories: Collection Information, Location Information, Constraints, Improvement Information, and Project Dialog.

Figure 6 – “More Info” Record Window


For more information about this tool, see this page.

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